About Higher Awareness Therapy and Consulting

Higher Awareness seeks to set itself apart from traditional brick-and-mortar mental health therapy agencies and from online therapy platform corporations by providing fully online services while recreating an atmosphere of in-office therapy. Communication, while through online means, is with an actual individual therapist, not a corporation; and you can expect to build a more authentic and personalized working relationship between you and an actual individual therapist, not a corporation, throughout every interaction.

About Brittney Baxter Dameron, LISW

Brittney has been working in the social services field for 15 years in a variety of settings and with a variety of populations, including mental health therapy for the last 9 years, supported community living, residential treatment, domestic violence advocacy, homeless services, and consulting and supervision. Brittney is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and an EMDR-certified mental health therapist who specializes in trauma.

She weaves in Ego State work and other types of therapies into EMDR, depending on each individual’s trauma goals and needs, for the most effective and complete trauma treatment. Brittney focuses on continuing education and staying on top of current research to continually improve and enhance her trauma skills and treatment methods.┬áHer philosophy is that any type of trauma can lead to kinds of mental health disorders, and resolving the trauma will resolve symptoms. This is based on the Adaptive Information Processing model that says we all have the capacity to heal from all types of symptoms of mental health problems as long as we have the right tools.

Brittney strives to help all her clients completely recover from past traumas so they can have the best life possible, including having improved relationships with themselves and others. She also has extensive training and experience with depression, anxiety, mood disorders, abuse and domestic violence, relationships, personality structure and personality disorders, anger issues, and family issues.

What is Higher Awareness?

Higher Awareness is the ability to look at yourself and situations from a broader perspective and with a more balanced viewpoint and approach.

Higher Awareness helps you to recognize the following:

The benefits of having higher awareness include, but are not limited to:

Services Include: